You’ve found me. I’m a Maryland based Nature and Wildlife photographer. I do photography as a hobby, a passion.  Below are links to my various sites.
Maine Osprey


Flickr | instagram | facebook Nikographer page | facebook US National Zoo Photography page (co-author)   | twitter | blog (nikographer) | blog (nature and wildlife photography) | youtube 
Sites and descriptions:

Flickr  – I joined flickr in 2005 and for many years posted a photo a day, just about every day.  I learned a lot about photography as a result of flickr and the community and the process of wanting to share new images and get better.  Today that is probably something people associate with instagram or facebook…  Flickr changed for me a while ago, and I have posted less and less frequently.  As of 2016 I have share something like a couple dozen images this year on flickr, but I have shared more on instagram (for a variety of reason).

I have a lot of sets/albums on flickr for specific locations and subjects. Here are some of those sets:

instagram  – Instagram has made photography more fun for me.  I try to share regularly, but have not tried to do it daily or with any rigid schedule.  The smaller format, and doing it from my phone have made it more accessible, and has removed some of the pressure to post “perfect” images (that require more time and care in editing and curating).  I also like the fact that many if not most of the people I know on instagram I know in real life.  And the ease of use with facebook (where I do know all my friends) is good too. 

2018 – I’ve quit Instagram.  I may write about it, but not now.

facebook Nikographer page  – This is my facebook page where I share images I have posted on flickr/instagram/etc, and occasionally share photos from other photographers.

2018 – I’ve quit facebook. I may write about it, but not now.

facebook US National Zoo Photography page (co-author) – I started this page a couple years ago to share my zoo images on directly.  Over time I have shared less zoo images since I want to focus on wildlife/nature stuff – however I have continued to go the zoo regularly and taken tons of images.  I then invited my friend Mike to also share his images on this page, and now together we both share stuff here. 

2018 – I’ve quit facebook. I may write about it, but not now.


Black-Crowned Night Heron

twitter  – Self-explanatory, nothing special, mostly I share links to my instagram images here since it is built in to the app.

blog (nikographer)  – This is the first blog I started probably ten years ago.  I’d say it focuses on gear, zoo images, and some wildlife images.


blog (nature and wildlife photography)  – This is my second blog and it is much more in depth for nature and wildlife and doesn’t include any zoo stuff, and not much on gear things but probably some. I’ve posted a lot on here, including stories and details around some of the images I shared on flickr. 

youtube – Just a few short movies here.  Years ago I had a standalone video camera with a hard drive in it.  Recently I’ve been shooting a bunch of video on both my iphone and my various DSLR’s, but I have rarely posted anything from either of these.  Mostly editing video properly is hard and time consuming and I have spent my time shooting and sharing the still images.  I may over time come up with an easier/quicker workflow so that I can shoot and post without too much hassle.

New section as of October 31 2016 – here are some of my recent favorite images…

Ohiopyle State Park - Falls
Empty Docks @ Sunrise
Juv. Osprey @ Cape May NJ
Juv. Osprey Hunting @ Cape May NJ

Black Skimmers at Sunrise

Bald Eagle @ Merritt Island NWR, FL w/ Coot

Osprey in Maine

Memorial Bridge - Washington DC

Home by the Sea

Shenandoah National Park - Hawksbill Mountain

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

Happy New Year
Where I go to Reflect

One thought on “About”

  1. Dear Jon,

    It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the Captain Salem Avery Museum. My elderly friend and I appreciated your chatting with us about the osprey and your generosity in gifting us with an image. I have framed it and hung it in her nursing home room and she is delighted. Your images are indeed spectacular and I hope you will consider exhibiting in this area.

    Best wishes,
    Susan Langley

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