Amazon links to my gear

I’m going to start doing some product reviews and write ups for the various, mostly Nikon gear I have. The first one I will probably do it for my Nikon D500 camera. If people use these links they will get the same Amazon price as normal, and I will get a referral fee. I’ve never done this before but know of many web sites and podcasts that seem to rely on it.

In the past decade or more I’ve used about 10 cameras and 20 lenses and quite a few other things like camera bags, tripod, flashes, etc.

Hopefully the blog posts are useful and informative, and the amazon links make it easy to find the product in case you want more detailed info or want to actually buy it. I’ve bought many things from Amazon, including my most recent camera – the Nikon D850, which I love.

Here’s a photo from Great Falls taken with my Nikon D810 and 24mm PC lens.

Great Falls / Potomac River

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